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Welcome to M & M Computers

M&M Computers is your one stop solution for your computing needs. We Buy ,Sell, New & Used Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, iPhones, all smart phones and parts, as well as offer a knowledgeable Service Department for computers, smart phones in need of Repair or Upgrades. We also custom build to your specifications and needs. You will find our service and support second to none. M&M Computers is one of the leading IT resellers & service providers in the greater Sacramento Area – supplying cutting edge technology to the consumer marketplace.

M&M Computers has strong relationships with key manufacturers and huge buying power, which allows us to offer you the best pricing on thousands of products. With over a decade’s trading experience, M&M Computer Services has developed unique service offerings and can provide everything from complete hardware and software solutions to the very latest components for your home PC, cell phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as hard to find parts.

M&M Computers works on the basis that building a strong relationship with our customer is the key to success and efficiency. We strive to stay at the cutting edge of industry developments and are eager to pass on this knowledge to our customers. Make M&M Computers the first choice for ALL your electronics needs.

M&M Computers is not limited to computers but we repair, troubleshoot, replace parts for all smart phones, Apple, Android, Windows, iPhones (all generations), iPod Classic (all generations), iTouch (all generations), iPod nano (all generations), iPad (all generations).  We have been in in business for over 22 years, 16th year at current location in Citrus Heights, California area. We have highly trained, experienced, bonded, insured,  Computers, Macintosh, Mac,  iphone, iPod Touch and iPad, technicians on board.

No other company in the area comes close to our expertise.  We repair broken shattered Screens,  glass repairs, battery issues, charging dock issues, Power button repair, LCD display replacements, back housing cover replacements,  Housing Modification, Water Dame Fix, ear and loudspeaker repairs, headphone jack repairs,  iPhone & android charge port issues, and we can do micro soldering on the motherboards.

Do you have devices sitting around broken? We buy broken Laptops, Desktops, Televisions, smartphones, iPhones, iPods, iPod Touch and iPads. We also recycle unwanted, broken electronics such as TV’s Televisions, Networking equipment, Computers, Laptops, CRT/LCD Monitors,  All business & cell phones, We are areas only state of California Certified & approved Electronics Recyclers.

We are proud to let you know that we have chosen by citizens of City of Citrus Heights as the Best Electronics Repair Store in the City.

We train our technicians as the technology, devices changes.  We can fix glass, buttons, charging issues, Shattered Screens, LCD display, WIFI issues, headphone jacks, speakers, microphones, cameras, and batteries. We also can do glass/digitizer only repairs on Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, iPad etc.,  We do  micro solder on all Android charge port. We have a 80% recovery rate for liquid/water damage and if we can’t recover it we don’t charge you.  If we are for some reason unable to fix, we do not charge.  Our company policy is NO FIX-No PAY!


Your one stop electronics Sales & Service Store!

We are experts in Hardware, Software, Networking, iPhones. In addition to it we sell all smart phones Desktops, Laptops, LCD TV’s, Digital Cameras, Printers etc…

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